圣卫道高中 offers a challenging, college preparatory program that prepares each student to enter higher education. 我们的课程, 植根于天主教价值观, 使学生成为终身学习者,在不断变化的世界中做出正确的选择.
Catholic values permeate the curriculum. 它包括为满足各种能力而设计的课程,包括荣誉课程和可以获得大学学分的大学先修课程, 以及正规的大学预科课程和我们的一些个性化课程 斯坎兰中心 for students with unique learning needs.

部门 Chairs and Overview


  • 商业技术

    • Enhancing students' computer literacy
    • Developing critical 21st-century skills for college and life
    • Introduction to Entrepreneurship 一门为期一年的选修课是针对10到12年级的学生开发产品或服务创业的吗, assisted by volunteer coaches and mentors in the business world, working toward a shark-tank style pitch event for funding
    • 大学学分可以通过AP计算机科学原理和AP计算机科学A获得
  • 校园部

    • 主席: 夫人. 安·佩雷斯
    • Proclaiming Jesus Christ and His Gospel, and raising up our community where faith is lived, 加深了, 和庆祝
    • Fueled by the Gospel and nourished by the Eucharist, Saint 旅客 is ignited to express our Catholic, 通过学习来实现基督教信仰, 祈祷, 和行动
    • 了解更多澳博体育app 校园部 在圣维阿特高中
  • 咨询

    • 主席: 夫人. Rena麦克马洪
    • 倡导学生的需求,因为他们通过高中和准备大学
    • Counselors provide individualized counseling, supportive school-wide programs, 以及广泛的社会情感和大学准备课程,让学生发挥最大的潜力
    • 了解更多有关 咨询部门
  • 英语

    • 主席: Mr. 克里斯Paolelli
    • Saint 旅客’s 英语 部门 empowers students to seek knowledge, 智慧, 和同理心,因为他们通过对发人深省的文学作品的严格研究来辨别上帝的声音. We encourage students to be avid readers who think independently, 写熟练, 自信地说, and solve problems effectively.
    • 学生通过阅读,写作,听力和口语的核心技能的挑战
    • 写作实验室帮助学生就所有学术课程的写作任务进行一对一的会议
  • 美术

    • 主席: Ms. 梅根灰色
    • Providing an opportunity to explore music, 剧院, and visual arts both inside and outside of the classroom
    • Saint 旅客 offers a full complement of 美术 courses in Performing Arts (choir and band); Theater; and Art, 设计, 和技术
    • 冬季和春季艺术节为学术课程和课外项目提供了向社区展示才华的机会
  • 数学

    • 主席: 夫人. 谢丽尔·诺瓦克
    • Preparing students for their futures by providing a solid foundation in math
    • 多个级别的课程,包括新生级别的五个课程,让学生进步
    • 通过AP微积分AB、AP微积分BC或AP统计学可以获得大学学分
    • 数学实验室配备了计算机,并由数学系的工作人员在课堂外为学生提供帮助
  • 现代世界语言

    • 主席: 夫人. Mirella Rullo
    • 培养学生在日益全球化的社会中成为成功的沟通者.
    • 课程强调语言习得的四个方面的学习:听力, 说话, 阅读, 和写作.
    • 五个级别(包括AP)提供法语,意大利语,普通话和西班牙语. AP 意大利 is offered as dual credit course through Loyola University Chicago.
    • Classes and Language Lab are equipped and use the latest 技术.
    • Opportunities for enrichment include clubs, National Honor Language Societies, 实地考察旅行, and trips abroad during spring break.
    • We offer the Seal of Biliteracy program, 让双语学生在成绩单上获得ISBE印章.
      • What is the Seal of Biliteracy?
        The Illinois State Seal of Biliteracy aims to promote mastery in multiple languages. In addition to demonstrating proficiency in a language other than 英语, 学生还必须证明英语能力,以便有资格获得国家双语印章.
        The purposes of the Illinois State Seal of Biliteracy are:
        • To encourage pupils to study languages.
        • To certify attainment of biliteracy.
        • 为雇主提供一种识别具有语言、双语能力的人的方法.
        • 为大学提供一种额外的方法来识别申请入学的申请人.
        • To prepare pupils with 21st Century skills.
        • 认识到公立学校外语和母语教学的价值.
        • To 强度en intergroup relationships, affirm the value of diversity, and honor the multiple cultures and languages of a community.

      • Why is the Seal of Biliteracy important?
        圣卫道高中重视文化多样性,并为他人创造归属感. 会说另一种语言为交流提供了更多的机会, 理解, and acceptance amongst diverse peoples. 另外, 在大学入学过程和潜在雇主面前,被认可的高级语言技能的学生可以提供这些成就. 许多大学对获得双语认证的学生免除任何外语要求和/或授予课程学分. 

      • How to Earn the Seal of Biliteracy
        Saint 旅客高中为在读学生提供16种语言的测试机会. 我们使用三种语言能力评估,以符合国家盖章的双语指定取决于语言.
        • 美国外语教学委员会(ACTFL)通过语言能力表现评估(AAPPL)考试用于学生的阿拉伯语测试, 普通话, 法国, 德国, 北印度语, 意大利, 日本, 朝鲜文, 葡萄牙语, 俄罗斯, 西班牙语, 和泰国. 
        • ACTFL的拉丁解释阅读评估(ALIRA)将以拉丁语测试 
        • Avant’s STAMP 4S Assessment is offered to students wishing to test in Hebrew or Polish.
    Earning the Seal of Biliteracy is a two-step process. Students must establish proficiency in 英语 and another language(s). 要建立英语水平,学生必须至少满足以下标准之一:
    • Earn a minimum composite score of 21 on an official administration of the ACT
    • 4月2日生效, 2020, SAT官方考试的基于证据的阅读和写作部分的最低分数为480分.
    To establish proficiency in a language other than 英语, students must meet at least one of the following criteria:
    • Have earned a 4 or 5 in the Advanced Placement language exam they took prior to their senior year.
    • 在ACTFL的语言能力评估(AAPPL)考试的所有部分中获得最低I-5分, or a minimum of Intermediate High on all components of AVANT's STAMP exam. 
    AAPPL考试费用为20美元. ALIRA考试费用为10美元. The STAMP 4S Hebrew exam cost is $25 and the cost for the Polish exam is $19.90.
  • 体育课

    • 主席: Mr. 丹Edminster
    • Fostering students' sense of health and fitness, while promoting active lifestyles
    • 课程包括健康训练,以及个人和团队运动的参与
    • Physical education classes keep students moving with sports and activities
    • 学生必须修满两个体育学分才能达到毕业要求, 还有卫生科半学分
    • 健康课程涵盖了影响高中青少年的话题,包括酒精, 药物, 性, 和压力
    • 健身中心让学生有机会制定自己的计划,以满足他们的健身需求, 强度, 还有减肥 
  • 斯坎兰项目

    • 主席: 夫人. 艾丽卡Fuja
    • The 斯坎兰中心 is for students with diagnosed learning differences
    • 该计划帮助那些可能需要大学预科课程支持的学生
    • 了解更多有关 斯坎兰中心
  • 科学

    • 主席: 夫人. 波拉尼克洛
    • 科学 classes are driven by an 调查 approach to exploring the world, inspiring critical thinking and lifelong learning
    • Students participate in collaborative lab work
    • 大学学分可以通过学习化学、生物和物理的AP课程来获得
    • A STEM curriculum is offered to those interested in science, 技术, 工程, 还有数学领域
  • 社会研究

    • 主席: 夫人. 莫林•马丁
    • Fostering students' 理解 of the past to equip them for the world of tomorrow
    • 社会研究系为学生参与日益全球化的社会做准备, one which embraces diverse cultures
    • AP courses are offered in World, U.S. 历史, and European 历史, as well as in Psychology
    • 鼓励学生深入探索主题,培养批判性思维能力
  • 神学

    • 主席: Mr. 帕特里克McGarry
    • 挑战学生成为更了解天主教会的成员,并积极参与事工
    • Classes are balanced between faith formation and guided academic exploration, and emphasize Sacramental life
    • Students are challenged to know and live out the Gospel message, and inspired to explore and practice Catholic Social Teaching
    • 神学 classes are rooted in the Gospels, the mission of the 圣公会. 旅客和他们的创始人Fr. Lous Querbes, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and curriculum mandated by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops


  • We uphold the values of the 旅客ian Educator, a philosophy based on the 旅客ian, Catholic tradition of quality education. There are seven clergy and associates 在圣维阿特高中.
  • In our college preparatory environment, teachers focus on collaboration, 调查, 领导力与创新.
  • Many of our students return to Saint 旅客 to share their knowledge and experience, with 25 alumni serving as teachers and staff.

部门 Faculty and Detail

位于阿灵顿高地, IL, 圣卫道高中 is a private, 男女同校的, Catholic school for grades 9-12. Students benefit from a challenging academic program, 美术及表演艺术, 竞争激烈的体育运动, and a wide selection of extracurricular activities.